Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Feast Pumpkin

I celebrated to Thanksgiving meals with different groups of family this year. The first occurred the weekend before Thanksgiving, when my mother came to visit. She cooked us a true turkey feast with all of the fixings and I made us this creamy pumpkin pie from my latest recipe. My only regret is that I sloppily covered it with plastic wrap when it was time to put it in the fridge and I accidentally peeled off the top layer towards the middle of the pie. The leftovers were lacking in aesthetics, but still tasted fabulous.

Current Pie Tally: 36

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre-Holiday Warm Up with Apple

Apologies for the lack of posting. There will be a flurry of pie posting excitement this week to make up for it - starting with this apple delight. We had no junk food in the house and a bag of apples in the fridge, so I threw this together using my standby apple pie recipe. I used packaged Tropicana orange juice for the fruit juice in this one and unsulphured blackstrap molasses. Freshly squeezed lemon, orange, etc. juice makes for a slightly more flavorful pie and the potent molasses really imparted a pleasant sharpness this time.

As a side note, I think it was a bad year for apples in Wisconsin this year. The only ones I've been happy to eat fresh so far are Russets. All of the Macouns and Cortlands I've purchased have been mealy and watery tasting, but they make decent pies and baby applesauce.

Current Pie Tally: 35