Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Four-Pie Party

First off, my apologies for the crappy photo. There were 60 people in my house and I downed a couple mugs of hot mulled wine just before taking it. So, yeah, I made four pies for a huge Austrian Christmas Market Party at my house. There was one Pecan Pie, two Vinegar Chess Pies, and one Chocolate Pudding Pie (omit the coffee ingredients). The second Vinegar Chess Pie was barely cut into, so I probably could have gotten away with just three pies in all, but I am not complaining about the leftovers. I wish I could have made an Cranberry Apple Pie instead of one of the Vinegar Chess ones, but I just didn't have the time or gumption. I'm still relatively impressed that I made 24 lbs. of gulasch and the four pies. The Chocolate Pudding Pie was the most popular I'd say, but the Vinegar Chess provided more conversation points. The questions on my mind now are, "Will I make another pie for my husband's lab party (also at our house!) this coming weekend?" and "What pie should I make for Christmas?" I've also got visions of a new concoction with a chocolate graham cracker crust, white chocolate pudding filling, and a whipped cream topping sprinkled with smashed up candy cane bits and mini dark chocolate chips. I don't know if I could successfully wing how much sugar to put into the white chocolate pudding though. Hmmm...maybe I could look that up.

Current Pie Tally: 131

Thanksgiving Apple Crumb Pie

Since I just made a bunch of pumpkin pie, I was craving a fruit pie. It's also come to my attention that most of the fruit pies are a lot more work, what with all the peeling and slicing and whatnot. So they are fast becoming more of a holiday or special occasion pie. Reading between the lines, that means my husband is around to watch the kids while I spend half the day baking. This pie is also a testament to how I am becoming less of a pie purist in my old age. I served vanilla ice cream alongside it and savored every bite! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble! Recipe, with my substitutions, can be found here. I think I used a mixture of fresh-squeezed lemon and orange juices in this one.

Current Pie Tally: 127