Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Block Party Apple Crumb Pie

The Annual Neighborhood Labor Day Block Party is usually my opportunity to test out my recipe for the town's Apple Pie Contest. However, this year I have been selected to be a JUDGE, rather than a contestant. It's the only way to give someone else a chance to win, right? . Despite my promotion to the judges' table, I didn't want to disappoint any pie-starved neighbors, so I whipped up a crowd-pleasing Apple Crumb. It was not completely devoured, which leads me to believe two things: 1) Half of the neighbors were already satiated on pie from the baby shower, and 2) The apples were not the best. I bought a bag of Gingergold apples from a Virginia farm that they had at Whole Foods, and am convinced that they were not as flavorful as the ones I generally buy at the local farmer's market. Oh well. It was still great, just not the usual exceptional. Recipe can be found here. My substitutions are as follows: I used my own crust recipe (the one that involves an entire stick of butter); I used 3 T. of fresh orange juice for the acid/liquid (frozen leftovers); I baked it for 50 minutes (probably should have left it in for the full hour in retrospect). This one capped off a three-pie weekend for me. Whew!

Current Pie Tally: 146

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