Monday, October 20, 2014

Underdone Apple Pie

Everything about this pie is like hanging my undergarments on a clothesline in full view of all the neighbors. I nearly followed the recipe to a tee, instead of adding any of my own jazziness. I threw it together while my youngest son was napping so that we'd have something nice to eat while my mother-in-law was visiting. And said mother-in-law carved right into it under the radar, so I didn't get a decent picture of it. Instead, you nice readers get a picture of the last 1-2 slices of three-day-old pie. While less than glamorous, it is still a pie and still counts toward the tally. One of the subtle beauties of this blog is that I'm not bashful about posting the flaws as well as the successes. Recipe can be found here. My substitutions are as follows: I used my own crust recipe (the one that involves an entire stick of butter); I used 6 or 7 very large Mutsu apples. I should have baked the pie for a full hour instead of 40-45 min, but I had somewhere to go and couldn't wait around for it to achieve perfection. It still tasted good, even though the apples were a little crunchy.

Current Pie Tally: 149

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