Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dad's Birthday Pie 2016

Whenever I'm in my father-in-law's company on or around his birthday, I always make him a pie. He's my #1 pie fan! I even occasionally catch him sneaking a piece for breakfast. This one was a lovely Peach Blackberry Pie made in a rental house in the Outer Banks, NC just before the oven exploded (not really, but there was a loud pop and then it was broken). The recipe is similar to this one. Just add juice from 1/2 a lemon, use all white granulated sugar (1 c.), add one pint of blackberries, and subtract one or two peaches. I also have been baking my fruit pies at 425F for more like 30-40 min before turning down the heat to 350F for an additional 30ish min. After the oven was replaced, I even went to far as to make a second vacation pie (a Banana Cream). Though that one doesn't count toward the tally because I topped it with Reddi Whip. There was no mixer in the house, what is a girl to do?

Current Pie Tally: 203

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