Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pie Princess Birthday Banana Cream

My signature Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie makes another reappearance! This time with the added elements of SPRINKLES and homemade toffee caramel that has taken up residence in my refrigerator until it gets used up. Plain graham cracker crust as usual. Banana Cream Pie is the kids' current favorite and I wanted everyone to eat my birthday dessert, hence I chose to make this pie for my own birthday despite inclinations toward a different personal preference. It was as tasty as usual and I really enjoyed how the sprinkles jazzed it up at the end. For this pie, since it was a small family affair, I topped each slice of pie with whipped cream, sprinkles, and caramel to order and put the leftover pie "unfrosted" (not topped with anything) back into the fridge. This kept my whipped cream topping from getting all runny on future slices of pie. Score!

Current Pie Tally: 219

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