Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Pecan Pie

I had wanted to make an Apple Crumb Pie for Christmas, but time for that slipped away before I even realized it was gone. It has come to my attention that with two kids underfoot, a fruit pie is probably going to be a two-day endeavor for a while. Oh well. In the meantime, we'll eat Pecan Pie because it's fast, easy, and oh so sweet. I left the orange zest out of this one, because my mother doesn't care for it. I also used dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar, thinking the difference would be unnoticeable. Surprise, it isn't. There is a definite molasses tang to the dark brown sugar, which also became apparent when I used it to make cinnamon buns for New Year's. Either is fine in the Pecan Pie, depending on whether you feel like you want a molasses bite or not. But definitely use the light brown sugar for the cinnamon buns. The dark brown tasted off in the cinnamon buns and caramelized all funny.

Current Pie Tally: 133

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