Monday, March 21, 2016

Pity Party Banana Cream Pie

I finally got to make my Pi Day Pie this past weekend. If only I had baked the Pi Day pie on that Sunday before! I was without water and full kitchen use for most of last week because of a plumbing disaster of epic proportions. Everything was functioning again in time for the weekend and my cream and bananas were still fresh (enough), so I banged this puppy out on Friday night for some serious stress eating. I upped the ante from the last version of this sucker with the new addition of toffee caramel (from this pie recipe). It looks way better on top than a bunch of crappy browning banana slices, am I right? It's a must on any future Banana Cream Pies. Banana Cream Pie recipe (with chocolate ganache layer) can be found here. I did not make the futzy crust and instead used my go-to graham crust from my Chocolate Pudding Pie recipe. If you or someone you love are seriously stressed out, I definitely recommend stuffing your face with this pie. It will make you feel better.

Current Pie Tally: 194

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